The Spoken Word… (Podcasts)

Social Media, Urban Planning

I sincerely appreciate the following dedicated podcasters who allowed me to speak on various place making topics… all of whom I admire and hope everyone subscribes to.

This month, March 2014, Andy Boenau’s Urban Speakeasy was a dreamcast of being asked my thoughts on how to create walkable urbanism and I blab away here… Andy makes great movies too.

Last fall of 2013, I talked with Voice of San Diego’s Andy Keatts, Scott Lewis and Rage Green about the resignation of City of San Diego’s Planning Director, and my former boss, Bill Fulton (starts at minute 22:10) here, as well as other San Diego issues, such as our favorite freak out topic: ‘Density!’ I thoroughly enjoy this teams weekly discussions and reporting on all things San Diego.

At CNU 21 in Salt Lake City, Strong Towns leaders Chuck Marohn and Andrew Burleson talked with me twice, for which I am grateful for our conversation here (about Big Ideas starting by minute 16:00) and here. These are weblinks that may not connect for everyone. Know that Strong Towns podcasts are on iTunes. The organization is taking on and changing our nation’s suburban development patterns with rational exuberance. Chuck Marohn is pure gold.

The cover image is something I made for Bike San Diego, but it could very well be an image of an iPhone recorder with its operator who seeks out opinions, perspectives, and insight on issues that affect the quality of our every day lives. With the recent ‘Serial‘ being the next ‘Snow Fall,’ and changing the Podcast game, I’m excited for the future of Urbanism Speakeasy, Voice of San Diego, and Strong Towns.


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