On the Perception of Safety, Density, and Other Voice of San Diego Articles… Plus a New Urban Film Fest!

Urban Design

Last week I wrote this article on Urban Design and our sense of safety and place that was well read.

And, a few months ago I wrote this article on density that is in this blog somewhere else, but I wanted to let Voice of San Diego know that I appreciated their willingness to let me share my professional perspective on how to make San Diego a great city.

And, this week is the New Urban Film Festival at the ACME Theater in Hollywood. Tomorrow is our CNU-California Chapter Annual Meeting and Award presentations. Last year, City of Santa Monica City Manager Rick Cole won our annual Paul Crawford Award. This year, we awarded it to Sustainable Transportation Guru, Jeffrey Tumlin, and honored the work of the Local Governments Commission. Hope some of you can join us tomorrow for the presentation. Cheers!